Answered By: Digital Library Services Team
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Copyright protects the form of expression of ideas and not the specific ideas as such. In the UK there are no formalities required to receive the protection of copyright as copyright automatically exists in all recorded works provided they meet certain requirements. Copyright does not need to be registered although many individuals or organisations will include a copyright notice to clearly record who owns the works using the internationally recognised ©symbol. The symbol should be displayed alongside the name of the owner of the copyright and the year of first publication. Copyright © [The Manchester Metropolitan University] [year of first publication] All Rights Reserved.

It is advisable to include a copyright notice as it advises third parties of who owns the works at the time of publication, reminds people that copyright exists in the works and that action may be taken if the work is copied. The notice should be placed in a manner and location so as to give reasonable notice of the claim of copyright. Where a work is to be made available online, it is advisable to keep a manuscript version and record on it that you are asserting rights to copyright.