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Installing the toolbar

EndNote allows you to work in Word and create in text citations which will automatically be added to a bibliography at the end of your document. This is called Cite While You Write. First you will need to install the EndNote toolbar into Word. Click on Downloads, choose the option for your computer and follow the on screen instructions. 
(NB On campus the EndNote toolbar is already available in Word on the student PCs, on staff PCs you will need to ask IT to install EndNote).

Once installed you will see an EndNote toolbar in Word.

Linking the document to your EndNote library

To Cite While You Write you will need to link the document to your EndNote library. Click on Preferences, then Application and enter the email address and the password for your EndNote online account.

Inserting a citation

Once connected to EndNote, you can start writing your text. When you need to insert a citation, place the cursor, where you want the citation to appear. Next click on Insert Citations on the EndNote toolbar. Then search for the relevant citation, click to highlight and select Insert.  

The citation will appear in the text and a bibliography will be created at the end of your document. You can continue to add citations and create your bibliography as required.

Changing the referencing style in Word

To choose how your citations and bibliography appear, you need to choose the relevant output style. Only a limited number of styles are listed on the drop down menu, if you click on Select Another Style, you can choose from the full list available.

A new box will open, scroll down to the style you require, highlight and click OK. Your citations and bibliography will be reformatted in that specific style ie Harvard MMU or MMU Harvard.

Deleting citations in Word

If you want to delete or change a citation you will need to click on Edit Citations on the EndNote toolbar. 
To delete a citation click Edit Citation on the EndNote toolbar, highlight the citation you want to delete, click Edit Reference and then choose Remove Citation.

Excluding parts of citation

In some cases you may need to use an author’s name as part of the text, you can still insert your citation and then use EndNote to exclude the author’s surname. Select Edit Citation on the EndNote toolbar, highlight the citation you want to edit and then click in the box next to Exclude Author. Only the year will now appear in the text and the reference will remain in your bibliography. You can now use the name of the author as part of the text.

Including page numbers in a reference

If you need to include a page number as part of your reference, click on Edit Citations on the EndNote toolbar. Click to highlight the reference you want to edit and then type the page number in the field marked Suffix. Eg :15. 

Editing citations/bibliography

If something is appearing incorrectly in a reference in Word, it is probably due to an error in the data in your EndNote library. To amend this in Word, click Edit Citation, choose the Reference and click on Edit Reference. This will take you back to online EndNote, where you can locate the reference and amend the data. Once you have made any corrections, return to Word, choose Edit Citation, click on the drop down menu next to Edit Reference and click Update from My Library. The reference screen will appear, click Insert and the updated reference will now appear in your document.

Standalone bibliographies

Occasionally you might want to create a standalone bibliography from your library, without citing the references in a piece of work. In Endnote, choose the Format tab, click on Bibliography. You can choose All References in My Library or a particular group. Next select the correct output style, and then select RTF(rich text file). Click to Save the document, choose your location and your references can now be accessed as a list in Word. 

Submitting documents electronically

If you are intending to submit a document electronically, you might find it necessary to remove the links between your EndNote Library and your Word document. On the EndNote toolbar in Word, select Convert Citations and Bibliography, choose to Convert to Plain Text. A message will appear telling you that a new version of your document will be created, click OK. This will create a new version of your document, which can be saved as normal. This document is no longer linked to EndNote and can then be submitted electronically. If you need to subsequently edit the document, you will need to return to your original, make the necessary changes and repeat the process above.