Answered By: Digital Library Services Team
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If using EndNote Online, to add a new reference select the Collect tab and click on New Reference then choose the Reference Type you require from the drop down menu.

Desktop, will vary depending on the version you're using, but all versions should either have a New Reference button or you can go to References > New reference to open a menu you can use to manually type in information about a book, article etc.

For both the online and the desktop version, the fields available for you to fill in will change to reflect the reference type eg book, journal article etc. To type in the field, click in the field and enter the details of the reference.

Tips for entering authors

When entering the names of authors or editors always use the following order, Last Name, First Name ie Smith, John. If the reference includes multiple authors/editors, enter each one on a separate line.  

If the reference includes a name of an organisation, you will need to insert a comma after the name so that it will appear correctly in your reference list eg Manchester Metropolitan University, 

When you have entered all the fields you want to use click on Save to add the reference to your library.
With the desktop version, there might not be a save button, if you close down the menu it should ask you whether you want to save it.

Editing references

From the list of references, click on the title and click on the field that you need to edit. Once you have made the changes, click Save to update the record.

Deleting references

To delete any unnecessary records, click the tick box next to reference and click Delete. The reference will be moved to Trash. Records can be retrieved from Trash, so long as it hasn’t been emptied. To delete reference from Trash select Empty.