Answered By: Digital Library Services Team
Last Updated: Oct 16, 2017     Views: 57

Usually in Libraries, we use the term Boolean searching to mean searching by combining search keywords with AND, OR or NOT. 

  • Type "human resource development" AND strategy into a database or academic search engine and it should look for books, articles etc containing the phrase "human research development" and the word strategy.
  • Type "human resource development" OR "personnel development" and it should return books, articles etc containing either phrase. 
  • Type pest Not mice to search for content with the word pest in while excluding content containing the word mice. 

Use AND to narrow your search and OR to broaden your search. 

Library Search by default searches for words and phrases associated with your search terms to help you discover content about the same topic described in different ways. If you enter the words human resource development in Library Search it also searches for the phrase "personnel management" unless you tell it not to.