Answered By: Gopal Dutta
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Sometimes sources can have a very high number of authors, particularly journal articles and reports.  When referencing a source that has many authors, ie more than eight, you do not need to add all of the author’s names in the reference.  Instead, add the first eight authors listed, followed by et al.  You do not need to enter ‘and’ between the seventh and eighth author listed.

Journal article example:

Dunstan, D. W., Zimmet, P. Z., Welborn, T. A., de Courten, M. P., Cameron, A. J., Sicree, R. A., Dwyer, T., Colagiuri, S., et al. (2002) ‘The rising prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance: the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study.’ Diabetes Care, 25(5) pp. 829–834.

The citation for the above article would be:

(Dunstan et al., 2002)