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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017     Views: 45

The Adobe Reader comes with online help, though this is only available when the reader is launched in standalone mode, for example when you launch it from the Windows Start menu or by double-clicking a PDF file on your local or network drive. Just click on the Help menu and choose Adobe Reader help to open the instructions (NB the precise wording of the menu entry may be slightly different in older or newer versions of the reader: these notes are based on version 7.0). You may find it useful to print out these instructions for reference when online help isn't accessible.

The online help isn't available if the reader is launched within a web browser window, which will happen if you click on a link on a web page which points to an Acrobat document. In this case the reader is embedded in the browser window and its menu bar isn't accessible: you just have the reader's toolbar displayed in the browser window, if it is turned on - right-click the document for toolbar display options.