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Library Search identifies the books we hold by a call number, which shows where an item is kept on the Library shelves. Each book has a call number sticker on its spine.


To find a book with the call number 370.152/COT

  • Check the signs in the Library to find out where the books with call numbers 300-399 are located.
  • Go to the floor/area you need.
  • Check the signs on the end of each row of shelves that tell you the range of call numbers kept on each row.

The call number

The books are arranged in numerical order:

  • 370
  • 370.001
  • 370.01
  • 370.1
  • 370.15
  • 370.151
  • 370.152
  • 371.01
  • 371.9


The call number letters

If there are several books with the same call number, then within each (e.g. 370.152) they are arranged alphabetically according to the three letters at the end of the call number (these are usually the first three letters of the author’s surname).

In some cases (e.g. where there are several authors) this may vary, so always make a note of the letters as well as the number when noting down the information from Library Search.

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