Answered By: Digital Library Services Team
Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018     Views: 1829

This error is intermittent so only happens occasionally. You might get it when you are logging in to a library database such as BoB, Digimap,, Talis Aspire, an ejournal or an ebook. 

The workaround is to return to the page containing the link to the eresource and try again. Click on the link again, you should go straight through to the resource you were trying to access.

Don't just press the back button once though to return to that page, you'll get a different error, as the log in system will be trying to resend your log in information.

Instead go back to the page where you originally logged in to the resource. An easy way to do this is to click and hold the back button and go back to the page where you clicked to connect to the resource, this could be a link from the Library website to a database or a link to an eJournal article on Library Search.

Interested in what's causing the error? We think it is connected to a timeout in Shibboleth's (a system Manchester Metropolitan uses to enable our users to log in to subscribed resources with their University ID and password) connection to a back-end University IT system database. As the behind the scenes infrastructure is replaced we believe this error will stop appearing.