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A shelfmark is a code made up of letters and numbers which reflects the subject of the book eg 371.30281/COT


We put books on the Library shelves in shelfmark order and each book has a shelfmark label on its spine. Several books can share the same shelfmark.

Key points

  • Information about print books on your reading list, in Library Search and the Library catalogue will include a shelfmark
  • Note down the numbers eg 371.30281 and the letters eg COT
  • Signs in the Library tell you where we keep books with particular shelfmarks
  • Signs on the end of each row of shelves tell you the range of shelfmarks kept on that row 
  • Numbers are decimal, a bit like money, so 370.01 is before 370.1
  • Books with the same shelfmark number are arranged in alphabetical order by the letters eg 371.30281/BAT is before 371.30281/COU
  • Items that aren't books may have other information in the shelfmark eg AV DVD 813.54/GRO
  • Journals do not have shelfmarks

 Please ask Library staff for help with finding books or other items on the shelves.

The video below has more information about using shelfmarks to find library items.