Answered By: Digital Library Services Team
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Firstly, try Library Search

Library Search is available on the Library website (link below).

Enter a few keywords that describe your research topic and hit Search.

You'll probably have a large number of results, so use the Refine Your Search options:

  • Select Journal Article to only display journal articles.
  • Select Scholarly & Peer-Review to view academic articles.
  • Select Full Text Online to view articles available online.

If you don't find what you need straight away, try different search terms. Library Search may also offer you search suggestions.

Looking for a particular article?

Enter the whole article title in the Library Search box. It might find it straight away for you.

Otherwise you'll need to check if the Library subscribes to the journal in which that article was published. Here's how to do this:

To check if the Library subscribes to a particular journal


  • Enter the title of the journal eg Journal of Vacation Marketing in the eJournal A-Z (link below).


  • If we do not have the journal electronically as an eJournal we may have it as a print journal.
  • Enter the title of the journal in the Library Catalogue (link below). If we have it, the catalogue will tell you the years we have available and the site which keeps the title. If the title is kept at your site, check the signs in the Library that tell you where we keep the print journals then find the journal on the shelf. Ask Library staff for help if you have any problems finding a title.


We have specialist journal databases relating to subjects taught and researched at the University. Our subject guides recommend particular databases that are useful for each subject or, if you know the name of the database eg Web of Science or Scopus, link to it from the Databases A-Z (links below).