Answered By: Digital Library Services Team
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019     Views: 1030

  • Common causes of this is you've created your EndNote Online account off campus and not associated it with Manchester Metropolitan University. You can solve this by making a link between your Endnote account and your MMU account via the Web of Science. 
  • Go to Web of Science 
  • Click on Tools, then choose Endnote
  • Enter your Endnote account details and click Sign in.  You should be taken directly to your Endnote Online Account.
  • If you check under option Format, then choose Bibliography, you should now see an enhanced list of referencing styles including MMU Harvard.
  • Return to Word, open the Endnote toolbar.  From the drop down menu next to Style, click Select Another Style.  A box will appear, scroll down and select MMU Harvard. 
  • Still have a problem, contact for more help.